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Recycling Jaguars of the 1990's - used spare parts for XJS, XJ12 & XJ6 (X300)

About Us


Grublogger was a specialist supplier of recycled parts for late XJS, XJ12 (XJ81) and XJ6 (X300) Jaguars, to the Jaguar enthusiast owner, and to the Jaguar specialist trade.

I selected these models in the belief that they are the last DIY Jaguar classics, and will become collectible. Later I changed the business name to XJSstuff to reflect the increasing speciality on the XJS models, for which parts are becoming very scarce.

Where is XJSstuff?

I now operate as XJSstuff, simply selling parts from my home near Reigate, Surrey. Visitors are welcome but it really is best to visit by arrangement, in which case I can email detailed instructions.


From the start we have been computer-based, so that we can record and assure the source of all components (i.e. VIN, model, age and mileage). All items are identified and catalogued by Jaguar part number.

We believe this is appreciated by our customers and also gives us confidence in our product.

XJSstuff ordering (website shopping cart)

We could, but we did not offer an XJSstuff facility on the Grublogger website: most of the items are unique, and uniquely priced, so customers always want to discuss the condition, provenance, availability, and applicability of part numbers to vehicle VIN number. For this reason we encourage payment by PayPal for customers who are 'internet-enabled', or telephone ordering and payment by credit/debit card.

Is the online ordering process secure?

Grublogger uses PayPal technology for its straight-forward ordering process. This is

- super-simple if you are already a PayPal user,

- very easy-to-use even if you have never used it before,

- reputable as a worldwide financial service,

- versatile in being able to accept payment via almost any credit/debit card, and

- very secure.

If you have an email address, I can send you a PayPal 'invoice' (which you don't have to pay of course). If you choose to pay it you designate a credit/debit card and it just happens. I get a notification that the payment has been received and ship the goods. Very neat.

PayPal Security

You do not have to subscribe to PayPal in order to use it, but you do need an email address. It is an easy way to handle ad hoc credit card sales, and doing it through PayPal provides an intrinsically high level of security for internet transactions.

Conventional Ordering

We can equally well accept conventional telephone orders and payment by credit or debit cards, or cheque which is often more appropriate for trade sales.

I can't find the parts I want to order

Most of the parts we sell are not pictured and listed on our web site (that would be a full-time job) so, if you can’t see the parts you need, we will be happy to assist you in identifying and ordering your parts.

You can call me on 07771 508614 with your enquiry, or contact us via the contact page. Please help us to help you by having your vehicle details, including the VIN (chassis) number, if possible.

Can I see a more detailed picture of the parts I am interested in?

Customer Area

Yes, by arrangement. We have a special page where we can put specific pictures at a larger size and resolution than our usual listings.

Sometimes a customer wants a close look at something and so, rather than sending pictures via email attachments, which sometimes get rejected because of their large size, we now put the pictures on this page. It is often useful to assess items by viewing a picture on the Internet, so we ran a Customer Area where pictures could be posted for our customer to view in a web browser. To have a look at what's there now, click here.

You will understand that this is a labour-intensive task, so we would do this for established customers or for prospects who are clearly serious about non-trivial items.

Does Grublogger deal through eBay?

Yes, we have an eBay shop called GrubloggerJag - click here to visit.

We often sell wheels, wings, seats - fast-moving or bulky stuff which is not easy to store - via eBay.

Customer Area

It is often useful to assess items by viewing a picture on the Internet, so we ran a Customer Area where pictures could be posted for our customer to view in a web browser.


Most of our cars were sourced from insurance salvage, which means that the cars were always running fine prior to an unfortunate accident. Usually the undamaged areas of the cars are in fine condition, because these were well-cared-for, prestige vehicles. Wherever possible we ran the engine and test the transmission and electrics before extracting components to the warehouse shelves.


Dismantling took place with due care in disposal of all pollutants, and the body-shells were properly disposed of at an environmentally approved end-of-life centre.

Here is Graham, preparing to put the Ronart W152 V12 through its paces at the JEC Racing Trackday at Castle Combe.