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CHAMBER OF HORRORS - XJS Facelift corrosion
- to illustrate what is so often hidden, and is usually the cause of water in the footwells - seldom the door seals. All three cars looked in nice condition externally.
In more than one case of the 4.0 Facelift (AJ6 & AJ16) where the main injection ECU is in the passenger footwell, water leaked in and damaged both harness and ECU, causing persistent and mystical running problems. Extremely expensive, and in one case caused the demise of an otherwise immaculate Manual Coupé.
Corrosion 1
View from above RHS - what was under the windscreen chrome
Corrosion 2
View from LHS underneath ! - rust has eaten through double skin
Corrosion 3
Windscreen pillar LHS - rust has even spread up under the chrome
Corrosion 4
Above LHS - a little bubbling shows outside the chrome; much more behind.
Corrosion 3
A different Facelift (1994) - seriously perforated under the lower chrome
Corrosion 4
All this corrosion was hidden under the chromes/wiper grille
Corrosion 1
Another Facelift (Convertible 1995) - water had collected under the rear point of the wing and eaten away this big hole - lots of water in the footwell.
Corrosion 2
On the LHS similar corrosion, not quite perforated yet.
XJS Wishbones
Wishbone LHS
LHS (viewed from above)
Wishbone RHS
RHS (viewed from above)